Demyx and myde

Demyx is Number 9 in Organization 13. His Somebody is Myde. Demyx has a Sitar and controls the element of water. Demyx doesn't like fighting, but does if he has to. He clearly states that to roxas in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Demyx likes hanging out with Xigbar in the greyroom, and he enjoys teasing Xion with Xigbar, refering to Xion as "Poppet" or "Puppet."He controls Dancer Nobodies, thought because of his Sitar being a musical instument and his nickname being The Melodious Noctume.


Demyx has a mohawk. He has blond, short hair and blue eyes. Demyx's cloak fits him more than a normal cloak would. but not as fitting as Axel's cloak for example. Demyx has black boots with silver linning on the top rim. He is thin and tall.