Group pic, opposing

Organization XIII is made up of Nobodies. Nobodies are people who had the darkness enter and consumn their hearts. the result is either death, or becoming a Heartless, creating their Nobody. Nobodies are dressed in long black cloaks with a hood, resulting...easy to spot. There are 13 official members in Organization XIII. each one is given a specific number. Their numbers dont call their overall placement. Fore example, Xemnas is number 1 in the Organization, and is the leader. But saix is number 7, and he is 2nd in command.


The Nobodies are given their own weapon, new name, and a elemental power, as will be listed:

Number | Nobody name| Somebody | Elemental power| Weapon|

No.1 | Xemnas | Ansem | Nothingness | Ethreal blades|

No.2 | Xigbar | Braig | Space | Arrow guns |

No.3 | Xaldin | Dilan | Wind| Lances|

No.4 | Vexen | Even | Ice| Shield |

No.5 | Lexaeus | Aleaus | Earth| Axe sword|

No.6 | Zexion | Ienzo | Illusions| Lexicon |

No.7 | Saix | Isa | Moon | Claymore |

No.8 | Axel | Lea | Fire | Chakrams |

No.9 | Demyx | Myde | Water| Sitar |

No.10 |Luxord | ? | Time | Cards |

No.11 | Marluxia | Lumaria | Flowers| Scythe |

No.12 | Larxene | Arlene | lightning| Knives |

No.13 | Roxas | Sora | light | Keyblade |

There is an additional Nobody in Kh 358/2 days. Her name is Xion, her "somebody" is No.i. She was created, not born. Vexen created her as an assignment from xemnas. he calls her "his finest replica", and he copied her off of sora/roxas's lost memories. She is not an official Nobody, thats why the Organization remains Organization 13, and not 14. Xion also does not have a throne in "Where Nothing Gathers" also known as the round room.