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This is saix. He is very stern and stricked. and sometimes deseiving. In this short clip, you see saix dissapearing. This clip is part of a cutscene when the renegade Axel talks to sora but is interupted when saix enters the scene through a black corridoor. Axel dissapears, then saix says to sora "don't worry, we'll make sure he receives the maximum punishment." Sora ignores what he says and questions him. Saix then pursuades him to defeat more heartless by confusing him, but is 'interupted when Malificant apears. Saix and Malificant have a short battle with their heartless and then malificant disapears. Saix continues and frustrates sora and also confusing him, then saix leaves. As seen to the left.

Wowy saix

Saix is one of the few Nobodies who stick to their true selves. Saix does not pretend to have a heart, unlike, for example, Xigbar and Demyx. Saix is Number 7 in the Organization, but he is 2nd in command. Saix is incharge of things that would be thought to have been forced on xigbar or xaldin if saix wasnt 2nd in command. No one is quite sure how saix got into that position and why.

Saix usually doesnt show any facial expressions. Accationally, he does smirk or growl. Saix's Somebody wasn't that much different than Saix, personality wise.Saix's Somebody is Isa. Isa is best friends with Axel's Somebody, Lea. Saix takes the past as an excuse to Axel on how he shouldnt betray him. And it works. saix also considers Axels friendship with roxas fake, and clearly states the theirs is a "real" one.'

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